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Construction of new company headquarters - an important step into the future
Larger, more modern and efficient: Huning Maschinenbau GmbH moved into its new company headquarters, taking an important step into the future. The move within Melle allowed the company to make considerable improvements in many areas. Above all, the available space offers new possibilities and allows optimisation of the production sequences.

At the old site, the company was reaching the limits of capacity; at the new site, which has a size of 6.5 hectares, the staff of 120 in manufacturing and administration now has optimum working conditions. The manufacturing area alone, measuring 9,000 square metres, is 70 percent larger than before. Three halls were built and subdivided into the following work areas: the machine hall accommodating, among others, two new laser machines and the machines for turning and milling; the container manufacturing hall; and the shared hall for locksmith's work, storage and repair. The new wing also houses the affiliated companies Heitling Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG and Heitling Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG, which ensures optimum sharing of expertise.

Not only have the production conditions been improved by the arrangement of the work areas and the short lines of communication, the company has also ensured that the halls are much brighter due to incidental daylight. In addition, the perforated metal panels integrated in the roof construction of the production hall offer noise suppression, which was immediately appreciated by the staff. Overall, great importance was attached to ecologically sound construction and energy efficiency. In addition to insulation in compliance with the German Heat Insulation Ordinance, the new building benefits from district heat supplied by its own biogas plant. The plant is located only 2 km from the new site and supplies heat that is used for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The well-lit office building is located directly adjacent to the production department and offers modern, height-adjustable workplaces that meet the highest standards.

Unlike the previous arrangement, the attractively designed customer area (used for example for handing over new products such as silo vehicles) is separated from the production complex. A further advantage of the new business site is its convenient location close to the motorway between Osnabrück and Hanover. The management of Huning Maschinenbau GmbH is confident that the new building is a considerable improvement for all those involved.