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Large, clearly readable digital display
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Coreless spiral conveyor screw insensitive to foreign matter
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Decoupling of the vertical screw conveyor during weighing
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Connection to a hydraulic conveying system with primary grinding (size reduction)
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Push floor receiving systems In combination with additional spiral conveyor screws, the system allows fully automatic dosed tr...
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Hydraulic push floor with coreless spiral discharge screw
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Drive-on receiving station As an alternative to our push floor containers made of steel, we also offer concrete drive-on rec...
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Vertical spiral conveyor screw Vertical spiral conveyor screw with 2 digester screws
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Weighing device A high-quality weighing system is integrated to allow exact quantity recording. The containers ar...
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Solid matter feeding systems for biogas plants Delivery to the digester is performed by a vertical spiral conveyor screw that transfers the biom...
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Digester spiral conveyor screw (steelsystem)

Discharge screw (concrete system)

Push floor container (Steel construction)

  • push floor container (Conveyor systems for biomass)
  • Gross volume standardly 19 bis 80 m⊃3;

Advantages of our push floor container systems:

  • Optimum utilisation of the storage container space
  • Low energy input
  • Robust design
  • Safe and reliable function
  • Can be easily expanded due to the modular design
  • Weighing system available as an option
  • Made of normal or stainless steel
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