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Receiving and feeding systems for biogas plants - from experts for experts

  • Durable and low-maintenance global concepts from one supplier
  • Receiving and feeding systems from 20 - 200 cbm;
  • Suitable for automatic feeding of all types of biomass
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation

The cost-effective operation of a biogas plant essentially depends on the appropriate allocation of personnel and the reliable function of the automated plant technology. After filling, the biomass is fed via parallel reciprocating push floor plates to a collector screw. This is designed as a coreless spiral screw, which has proven more effective in practice than screws with centre shaft due to its robustness and insensitiveness to foreign matter.

  • Cost-effective and functional

Advantages of the system:
In combination with additional spiral conveyor screws, the system allows fully automatic dosed transport into the fermentation plant.

Advantages of our push floor container systems:

  • Optimum utilisation of the storage container space
  • Low energy input
  • Robust design
  • Safe and reliable function
  • Can be easily expanded due to the modular design
  • Weighing system available as an option
  • Made of normal or stainless steel

  • Reliable discharge of different types of solid matter
  • Reciprocating push floor elements
  • Driven by hydraulic cylinders
  • Control unit for automatic and manual operation
  • Optimum weighing function
  • Not prone to malfunctions

The push floor receiving station is filled:
- Above ground (via telescopic handler, front-end loader etc.)
- Below ground (by rear or side tippers)