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Your Partner for Adjustable Screens!

HUNING adjustable screens consist of two sliding screens positioned one above the other with variable mesh versions (shown here: diagonal square mesh). The size of the screen apertures (mesh size) can be adjusted to achieve the desired screened product by offsetting the screen surfaces (sliding them in relation to each other).

HUNING adjustable screens are successfully used in the preparation of compost, in the natural stone industry, in recycling and top soil production. Other areas of application are possible on request.

Adjustable screen drum

Flat Screen

Fast, infinitely variable adjustment of the particle size from 26 to 65 mm or from 16 to 43 mm, making it possible to grade various products and achieve specified size grades.

Infinitely variable screened product size

Your advantages:

  • Infinitely variable screened product size, i.e. optimum product adaptation (screening possible to specified size grades)
  • Short make-ready times
  • Very high stability with extremely low wear
  • No additional transport of screening drums required
  • High level of self-cleaning due to patented adjustment system

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